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Do you remember Entity framework June 2011 CTP with all that nice features? This CTP was initially released as first try for out-of-band (independently on .NET Framework) release of core .NET library - System.Data.Entity.dll. The out-of-band release caused some issues because we had to use separate .NET target for using it and it makes incompatible with other tools and features. Last week ADO.NET team announced that they will not be able to release core functionality out-of-band. It means that all changes and major features / improvements can be released only with a new .NET framework version. The team also announced that we can expect features from June 2011 CTP in upcoming .NET Framework 4.5. What does it mean? .NET Framework 4.5 should contain new version of Core Entity framework libraries (that is the new name for ObjectContext API and Entity framework core features). The rest of this article describes all changes related to upcoming release including new features, missing features and relation to DbContext API.

Posted on October 24, 2011 by Ladislav Mrnka
Filed under: Entity framework
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