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I just had a very hard month at my job. I was behind the schedule due to my fault during estimating some of my tasks. When I realized that my estimate for the essential task was completely wrong, I was too close to the deadline and too far from my commitment to meet the deadline. I decided to make my best to finish the assignment on time. I worked very hard and did more than 10 man days of overtime during just 17 days. This effort successfully ended week ago and I again work in normal mode - still two weeks to go and I will take some vacation. I didn't fully recovered yet and I still feel very tired. That is also the reason why I reduced my participation everywhere this month (including Stack Overflow).

Even with so much work to do I watched or read about all big October's events and announcements including Apple's keynote, Windows 8 launch, Windows Phone 8 launch, Google's announcement of new Nexus devices and finally also some Build sessions. I have also already upgraded my PC to final version of Windows 8 Pro. I was especially happy to see announcement of Windows Phone SDK 8.0 and the new version of .NET for Windows Phone 8 because not releasing the preview of the SDK to community was a very strange decision. It will be definitely something I will try once I recovery from the exhaustion.  I'm full of enthusiasm with all new things happening in Apple's, Goolge's and Microsoft's platforms but only Microsoft platform interests me at the moment also as a developer and not just a customer.

I'm not going to buy Windows Phone 8 mobile phone but I'm very interested in development for this platform and its relation to WinRT. I will perhaps buy Microsoft Surface RT. It could be a nice companion to my iPad 3rd generation and Nexus 7. Just the price seems too high and availability in Europe isn't good. Availability in Czech republic is equal to zero and it will most probably not be available this year at all. I just have to hope that it will get to Czech republic faster than for example XBox 360 - it took one year to launch XBox 360 in Czech republic and next 3-4 years to launch XBox Live which is at the end something like bad demo to the service available in main markets (US, UK, etc.).

Posted on October 31, 2012 by Ladislav Mrnka
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  1. I sympathise with your exhausting overtime. I do also however believe there comes a time in everyone’s life when they realise that their estimates are irrelevant, compared to their manager’s contigency planning abilities.

    The irony with MS these days is that they have been lurking in the background for over a decade with Surface. My point of view has always been that Google’s prime business is advertising and Apple’s prime business is styled dedicated hardware. MS’s prime business is platform development. The MS domination of the mobile device is an inevitability simply because of global cultural inertia, despite whatever nostalgia or sentiment people might have towards the dotcom boom (Google) or charismatic entrepreneurs (Apple).

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