Code through the pain Ladislav Mrnka's professional blog about software development

About Me

Welcome to my professional blog.

My name's Ladislav Mrnka. I'm living in Prague (the capital city of Czech Republic) with my girlfriend Nora, our two dogs and two cats.

I'm software developer with several years of experience with Microsoft technologies. The software development and programming is not only my job, but it is also my hobby. I'm interested in web application development, software integration, web services, workflow solutions and agile methodologies. I enjoy learning and evaluating new technologies and sharing my experience with other developers. That's also the reason why I decided to start this blog.

I chose the blog's title as related to "Fight through the pain" which means to do (and possibly complete) something despite the pain and obstructions you're suffering. It's exactly what many developers usually do on daily basis especially when they're working with new technology or API. So that's the reason why "Code through the pain".

You can meet me at Stack Overflow or MSDN forum where I'm trying to help other developers with their problems. You can also check my profile at Linked in.