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Apple's iPhone 5 keynote ended more than hour ago. It didn't bring any big surprise and even didn't convince me to change my iPhone 4 for the new iPhone 5 because I don't need a new phone and a larger screen or LTE which is not available in my country do not change it. I'm using tablet when I need mobile device with a larger screen and more computing power. The disappointment is missing NFC support because in my opinion, it means either that Apple doesn't believe in that technology yet or that the technology didn't succeed on the main markets.

Anyway I didn't start this short post to discuss the new iPhone. I wanted to watch the live stream of the keynote. One could think that it should be enough to turn on Apple TV and simply select a keynote and stream it to my TV or run iTunes on iPad/MacBook/PC select keynote and stream it but no luck. I didn't find the live stream and I believe the reason was quite simple - Apple didn't provide any. I know, I will be able to watch it as a podcast but that is not the same as streaming it live. There are rumors that Apple wants to bring streamed TV content to Apple TV. How Apple wants to do that when they are not able to stream their own keynote? This was a huge disappointment - bigger than anything in the keynote itself.

Btw. the new iPod Nano looks more like Lumia Nano ...

Posted on September 12, 2012 by Ladislav Mrnka
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I'm currently Pluralsight's subscriber for few months. My first experience with Pluralsight's training courses came after receiving one month free subscription during promotion on Stackoverflow last year - what a great marketing skill. I found their library the best training source available on the Internet especially if you need either get quickly basic-to-intermediate general understanding of some unfamiliar technology or if you need to dive deep into some specific features of selected Microsoft technology. There are also few courses targeting development tools, practices and processes. I have previously also used the library to prepare for multiple Microsoft certification exams.

The basic subscription without exercise files, assessments and offline viewing has in my opinion so good value / monthly cost ratio that I'm paying it myself (I don't have subscription payed by my employer). Pluralsight offers short trial so you can try it yourselves if you don't believe me.  The current library contains overview and in-depth courses about Microsoft technologies and overview courses for other technologies. I hope the library will get in-depth courses for other technologies (especially from Java and Apple world) as Pluralsight will grow.

I searched for a while for the best way to watch those courses with minimum distraction. I started by watching courses on a desktop PC with headphones but with two monitors I always started browsing internet on the second screen after a while. Pluralsight online course player requires Silverlight and there is no application for Mac so I cannot watch courses on my MacBook Pro (I'm not going to install any additional web content player on Mac after previous bad experience with Flash player) but Pluralsight have application for iPhone and iPad (and other mobile platforms)! I left the desktop and started watching courses on iPad with headphones and it really worked much better for me but after that I got an idea to use AirPlay on Apple TV and watch training courses on 40" HDTV. This way really rocks. When sitting on a sofa and watching the large screen I feel very comfortable and it gets closest to the feeling of being on a real lecture.

P.S. This is not a commercial advertisement. I'm just referring the service I found very valuable.

Posted on August 19, 2012 by Ladislav Mrnka
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