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Apple's iPhone 5 keynote ended more than hour ago. It didn't bring any big surprise and even didn't convince me to change my iPhone 4 for the new iPhone 5 because I don't need a new phone and a larger screen or LTE which is not available in my country do not change it. I'm using tablet when I need mobile device with a larger screen and more computing power. The disappointment is missing NFC support because in my opinion, it means either that Apple doesn't believe in that technology yet or that the technology didn't succeed on the main markets.

Anyway I didn't start this short post to discuss the new iPhone. I wanted to watch the live stream of the keynote. One could think that it should be enough to turn on Apple TV and simply select a keynote and stream it to my TV or run iTunes on iPad/MacBook/PC select keynote and stream it but no luck. I didn't find the live stream and I believe the reason was quite simple - Apple didn't provide any. I know, I will be able to watch it as a podcast but that is not the same as streaming it live. There are rumors that Apple wants to bring streamed TV content to Apple TV. How Apple wants to do that when they are not able to stream their own keynote? This was a huge disappointment - bigger than anything in the keynote itself.

Btw. the new iPod Nano looks more like Lumia Nano ...

Posted on September 12, 2012 by Ladislav Mrnka
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I have recently become quite interested in Windows 8 and new "Metro" style applications development. I even think about buying Microsoft Surface (ARM version) once it is released but the final decision will depend on the final price of the device. As I thought about this I found that changing platform or using two or even three (I would like to try Google Nexus 7 as well) platforms concurrently can have additional hidden costs and complexities related to loosing applications, content and services used on another platform.

I'm currently Apple's customer. This article is about my move from loyal Microsoft's customer to loyal Apple's customer and about bad product strategy which can make a huge damage to company's reputation and customers loyalty. Current Windows Phone 7.x customers and Nokia Lumia owners can find part of my story quite familiar.

Posted on August 18, 2012 by Ladislav Mrnka
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